My First Crochet Design

Potpourri3Potpourri5Potpourri2PotpourriAfter using Comfy Sport in another shawl and being so impressed with the drape, I decided to dive into my stash of Comfy Worsted and create something.  (“Comfy” is available at Knit
Started with 99 chs. This will be a rectangular shawl (19″ wide x 50″ long)
I had so much fun with this! I generally do not like large, repetitive projects because I get bored. For some reason, using 5 different colors and changing the stitch pattern on each row kept me interested.
This is a very easy project – should certainly be easy enough for an intermediate, and possibly a beginner.
With a size “G” hook, chain 99 sts. (Pattern repeat is 3, so if you want the shawl to be wider, increase by 3’s.)  Be aware that the width of the shawl has much to do with the height of the person that will be wearing it.  I am short, so if I wrap a 19″ shawl around me, it will reach from my neck  to my waist in the back.  If you’re making it for someone who is taller, you’d probably want to add stitches. (6 stitches = 1.25″).
Foundation row: Starting in 3rd ch from hook, work 1 DC in each ch to end of row. Turn.
Row 1: Ch 3, skip first 2 dc, *(1 dc, ch 1, 1 dc) in next dc (V-stitch created), skip next 2 dc’s, repeat from * ending with skip 1 dc, 1 dc in top of the turning ch, turn.
Row 2: Ch 3, 3 Dc in next ch-1 space (in the “V” stitch), rep 3 DC group across, ending with 1 DC in top of turning ch, turn.
Row 3: (Primrose stitch) Ch 2. (*)skip 2 dc’s, 1 sc in top of next DC (this is the middle DC of the 3-DC group), ch 2, one sc in SAME STITCH, repeat from (*) across, ending with an HDC in turning ch.
Note: For the next row, you will repeat Row 1 (V – stitches). You will execute the V’s in the ch-2 loops from Row 3.
When the shawl is as long as you want it, dc all across as with the original foundation row. I finished it with a scalloped border.
I am quite short (5’ 2”), so I did not need the shawl to be longer than 50”. Obviously, if you were making it for someone taller, you’d need to make it larger.

That’s it! Just 3 repeating rows. I just changed my colors when I felt like it – sometimes doing just one row, sometimes six rows or so. Only negative is that you have lots of ends to weave in!